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Welcome to the website of the W‧I‧R network

W‧I‧R is a personal network of independent and highly specialised law firms in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne working in the field of real estate law.

W‧I‧R provides its legal services at all of its member firms located across Germany for large-scale real estate projects in the fields of project development, real estate law, building law and law for architects, property development law, tenancy and condominium law.

The client-lawyer relationship is always with an individual firm, which, if necessary – for example in the case of extensive, interdisciplinary due diligence audits and reports – works internally with colleagues from its associates. Our declared goal is that we at W‧I‧R find a swift, financially sound and efficient solution to your real estate matters.

W‧I‧R together solve YOUR legal real estate problem, so that you can build on success.